Tire Rotation and Alignment

Wheel alignment is an important automotive maintenance procedure that is often overlooked or dismissed despite its many cost effective benefits. In fact, it is one of the best ways to extend the life of your tires and vehicle! Regular vehicle maintenance with your tires and wheel alignments will not only allow you to drive safely in any kind of weather without the fear of hydroplaning or losing control of your car; but also it will ensure your safety by choosing Ram Tuff Repairs Ltd. at Ram Tuff, our knowledgable mechanics are your source for car repair, wheel alignment and tire rotation! You can even schedule regular reminders with Ram Tuff Repairs so that no matter what, your vehicle is always running in the best condition it can. Call Ram Tuff Repairs Ltd. today to find out more about tire rotations and wheel alignment services.

Why Do I Need a Wheel Alignment and Tire Rotation?

There are many reasons why wheel alignment and tire rotation are important for your car. Here are some of the most important reasons from Ram Tuff Repairs Ltd.

Extends the life of your tires

The tires on your car get a great deal of wear and tear, it doesn’t take much to cause a wheel to go out of alignment. By getting a wheel alignment inspection with Ram Tuff Repairs ltd. you’ll be saving money on replacement tires, and those things can be very costly.

Prevents your vehicle from ‘pulling’ to one side or the other

Driving in bad weather is stressful enough as it is, don’t complicate matters by not maintaining your tires properly. When it is windy or rainy outside and your car is playing a game of tug of war with the road, it is anything but fun. In fact it is pretty dangerous and can put you, your passengers and fellow motorists at risk. Road safety is crucial. Prevent your tires from pulling from one side to the other by contacting Ram Tuff Repairs ltd., the smallest jolt can send your vehicle careening and is just an accident waiting to happen.

Improves gas mileage and fuel economy

Did you know that proper tire maintenance will improve traction and speed? If your car feels slower to accelerate, your tires may be the culprit. Connect with the expert team at Ram Tuff Repairs Ltd. today to have them inspect the condition of your tires. Ram Tuff has a team of knowledgable tire experts who can inspect your tire health to ensure your vehicle is operating at its prime!

Enhances braking performance

We often see adventure and action films where the leading man or lady is dealing with a car that has no brakes. They nearly always escape unharmed. Well that’s the movies, this is real life. Wheel alignment will improve braking performance and can prevent a no brakes scenario from happening.

Improves road safety

No one wants to be on the road with a vehicle that looks like it’s skidding all over the place. Motorists are responsible not only for themselves but also their fellow drivers. Be safe, responsible and proactive, don’t put anyone’s life at risk. Contact the team at Ram Tuff Repairs Ltd. to schedule your next tire servicing. Ram Tuff will advise you of the health of your tires and let you know how long you have left before you will need to change them.

Allows for maximum traction on slippery road surfaces

This is crucial during rainy and stormy seasons; you’ll feel much safer and calmer driving in extreme weather.

Properly aligned tires save you money in the long run. Ram Tuff Repairs Ltd provides wheel alignment and tire rotation as part of a complete range of standard automotive maintenance services.

Wheel Alignment Service

Ram Tuff Repairs Ltd specialists adjust the angles of your tires according to the manufacturer’s specifications and provide both four wheel and front wheel alignments following a quick measurement check by our experienced experts. Ideally, the tires on your vehicle should be inspected and aligned every 10,000 miles or more frequently if you regularly come across potholes or drive on uneven roads.

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